One Humanity Institute

The One Humanity Institute emerges from the well-documented need to redirect focus away from the violence of the past and toward a culture of peace with forgiveness and trust. Auschwitz has been a vortex of depressive energy due to the horrors committed there. Yet in large part because of Auschwitz, the United Nations was formed; because of Auschwitz the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was adopted; because of Auschwitz the town of Oświęcim was named the City of Peace – anticipating a hopeful vision.

The Institute will take up that vision and in so doing transform the depressive response to Auschwitz’s history, by reversing its polarity and transforming it into one of compassionate consciousness and radical interconnectedness of all peoples. Thus, the town of Oświęcim and the Auschwitz museum, a destination spot for global visitors, will be the ideal location to realize a new vision for humanity that honors those who perished while inspiring rising generations to reach for an alternative future that resolves obstacles to global harmony.

The expanded vision is to create a One Humanity Institute – “City of Hope” – to be located on a campus adjacent to Auschwitz that once served as barracks for soldiers.   The intent is for a cluster of buildings to be constructed that allow visitors the experience of being part of an envisionarium, embodying universal values of peace, tolerance, dignity, freedom, equity and solidarity with all life.

The overarching goal for this vision is to lay the groundwork for global solidarity that gives rise to what it means to be One Humanity. The Institute will offer structured learning opportunities in a variety of forms for all ages, through both formal and non-formal education. Such opportunities will focus on the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals, inter-and intra-faith studies, inter-cultural understanding and cooperation, conflict resolution, trans-rational problem solving,  reconciliation, entrepreneurial social impact projects, and leadership skills for the rising potential of the empowered individual. The area will contain an OHI Hub, Envisionarium, OHI Learning and Research Center, Gardens of Life and peace, places to stay…