Oswiecim, the town scarred by the history of Auschwitz, will rise again. We are moving
from a story of separation to one of hope, to feel what is possible when we come together as one humanity.




Oswiecim, the town scarred by the history of Auschwitz, rises again.
We are moving from astory of
separation to one of hope, to feel what is possible when we come together as one humanity.


The One Humanity Bakery will be born from two historic buildings located in the heart of Oswiecim, Poland. There was once a time, prior to the war, that two families operating peacefully side by side provided the bread of life for a vibrant community: The Gerstner -Horowitz family graciously donated their property to be a One Humanity Bakery and we will commemorate their gift by making it into a living symbol of respect for the past while building a new future. The neighboring building, home to a family of bakers, was the Gonciarczyk’s residence. Now, they will be joined together to create a greater whole.

The vision for these buildings is to create a bakery, gathering space, and bed and breakfast serving international travelers and the local community while also serving as a living hub for the vision of the One Humanity Institute: There will be a social media center, library, conference room, shared offices, and co-working space. The outdoor spaces will include permaculture gardens, artwork, and additional areas for gathering. By restoring the bakery to its original purpose, we will honor its communal spirit by creating a learning space for local youth and social innovators. OH Bakery will be an innovation hub for entrepreneurship, green technology, and the promotion of the UN2030 sustainability goals.

Currently we are in process of the purchase of the second building and beginning renovation. We have significant matching funds and are reaching out to build a grassroot network of donors. Our architect has envisioned a bridge connecting the two historic buildings, and on that bridge of hope, we plan to dedicate artwork (A Tree of Life) and other memorials to those initial funders who made One Humanity possible.

The call is to begin planting the seeds of transformation, one that moves us toward an ethos of partnership and global collaboration. Transformation of this kind portends a deep structural shift in the basic premises of thoughts, feelings and actions. And there is no better place to begin but in a “city of peace,” named for it being a response to human tragedy and a commitment to the resilience of the human spirit.

The One Humanity Institute emerges from the well-documented need to redirect focus away from the violence of the past and toward a culture of peace with forgiveness and trust. Auschwitz has been a vortex of depressive energy due to the horrors committed there. Yet in large part because of Auschwitz, the United Nations was formed; because of Auschwitz the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was adopted; because of Auschwitz the town of Oświęcim was named the City of Peace – anticipating a hopeful vision.

The Institute will take up that vision and in so doing transform the depressive response to Auschwitz’s history, by reversing its polarity and transforming it into one of compassionate consciousness and radical interconnectedness of all peoples. Thus, the town of Oświęcim and the Auschwitz museum, a destination spot for global visitors, will be the ideal location to realize a new vision for humanity that honors those who perished while inspiring rising generations to reach for an alternative future that resolves obstacles to global harmony.

Sally Ranney

American Renewable Energy Institute (AREI); Earth Restoration Alliance (ERA); Earth and Climate Action Network (WECAN).

"The One Humanity Institute has arrived in the nick of time. The scent of baking bread, the sweet smell of coming home to comfort, companionship to feed the body but also to feed the longing and to feed ideas, to welcome in the stranger….. The whole world wants to bake bread together."


Edith Eger

Holocaust survivor, psychologist, writer of The Choice

"We must do everything in our power so it will Never Again happen and our children and our grandchildren will bake the wonderful cookies and recipes you inherited from our ancestors and we know never gave up and there is Hope in Hopelessness"


Guy Horowitz

3rd generation survivor from Oswiecim, BAKERY family

"In this spirit of love and care we are happy to make this house available to the people of this community the dear people of Oswiecim and the many people of Poland across Europe and around the world who believe in the vision of One Humanity."


Jane Goodall

Dr. Jane Goodall travels around the world, writing, speaking and spreading hope through action, encouraging each of us to "use the gift of our life" to make the world a better place.

"The very word, Auschwitz, is synonymous with one of the darkest chapters of our human history. Thus, there is no more fitting place for creating a peace center to educate of the unimaginable that we are capable of. But a center that will also teach about our capacity for love and compassion. A place where people can be inspired with a vision of a world where we live together with respect for each other and co-creation. A world of sustainable peace. Only together can we open the door to this new future. It’s time."


Anwarul Chowdhury

Permanent Representative for the United Nations

"I am writing today to express my strong support for the One Humanity Institute project at Oswiecim Poland. There is no more fitting place to create a center to educate people about pathways to peace and about the power of love."


Ela Gandhi

Gandhi Development Trust, Co-President, Religions For Peace

"I support this initiative which I believe is sorely needed in the world today. There is so much suffering and brutalizing of children and youth that one wonders where the next generation will be going and how they will survive. We have unharnessed proliferation of arms and so many more countries with bombs that another genocide is possible. Within this scenario, we have intolerance, hatred, extremism, and a lack of respect for human beings, animals, and the environment. I believe that this peace center can help to change this and avert violence and wars. I fully support this initiative."

Ora Setter

Lecturer at Tel Aviv University

"As an Israeli, OHI symbolizes for me the victory of humanity, resilience and love over hatred and cruelty. Building OHI at the darkest space in human history is both a memorial to the victims and the heroes of the past and a wakeup call for all of us from the future."


Kristin Vala Ragnarsdottir

Professor at the University of Iceland

"The One Humanity Institute seeks to take people from feeling fear and horror after visiting the Auschwitz museum to feeling uplifted and hopeful in finding harmony between all of humanity and nature."


Claire C. Lachance

Chief Executive Officer Institute of Noetic Sciences

"I am very inspired and supportive of the efforts presently underway to launch the One Humanity Institute. I wholeheartedly offer my endorsement and ongoing support, both on a personal level and on behalf of the Institute of Noetic Sciences."

Audrey Eger Thompson

Psychologist, working with Andreas Phileas Neumann.

"We have chosen love as our path for healing just as the bakery. Regardless of our past we must remember what brings us together. We must remember that we are one in our humanity."


Andreas Phileas Neumann

Facilitator, teacher, trainer, executive coach and business consultant

"A launch of the One Humanity Bakery is a wonderful initiative for peace and healing. We are humbled and proud to be part of the celebration of a source for feeding love."


Anne Marie Voorhoeve

Evolutionary leader, founder, coach and consultant of The Hague Center for Global Governance, Innovation and Emergence (THC)

"Hope and courage drive this initiative. A living hub will arise, manifesting the vision of Hope of OHI. Hope greatly influences ones thinking and doing. It can be taught through experience and that is the goal set: to practice with the Heart as a compass, a valuable key to co-create a future that works for all. Love in action that will radiate."

Robert Lugowski

CEO Cobin Angels

"The One Humanity Bakery and Institute is a concept whose time has come. Our future depends upon us working together on systemic global changes for our next generations to come."

Nina Meyerhof

Co-Founder of One Humanity Institute

"The overarching goal of OHI is to build a foundation for the evolution of consciousness necessary to create the global solidarity needed for One Humanity to achieve sustainable peace."

Domen Kocevar

Co-Founder of One Humanity Institute

"One focus is on multi-culturalism and interfaith activities in service to co-joining all humanity. We believe in uniting humanity and thus creating a sandbox of activities for the town and visitors to explore their views and build new constructs for solutions and further avant-garde co-creative thinking."

Alan Briskin

Author, of The Stirring of Soul in the Workplace, co-author The Power of Collective Wisdom. Senior Advisor: Goi Peace Foundation and One Humanity Institute

"The One Humanity Bakery, a project of the One Humanity Institute, will stand as a beacon for what is possible, an exemplar for coming together and filling the air with aromas of freedom and belonging. The One Humanity  Bakery will — through its work of preparing, kneading, rising, and baking — provide just the right ingredients for satisfying our physical and spiritual hunger for experiencing and contributing to the evolution of oneness with diversity. The very words themselves — One Humanity — activate images of collaboration, joy, meaning, and service. There is a hunger in the collective — to rise up while still keeping our hands in the real work of social justice and sustainability. Locating the bakery in the heart of the old town of Oswiecim, Poland, where horror once scarred our global consciousness, is a small act of genius."


Friends and Family are invited to join us on the Bridge of Hope and become pioneer stakeholders of the One Humanity Bakery and Institute.

The rendering of a Tree of Life with your name will make it possible to build a brighter future for the next generations of humanity. Each person whose name appears on the tree of life will be invited to record a message that will be available to visitors crossing the interactive bridge we plan to create. These recorded messages will be daily reminders to visitors that every individual can make a difference and that together, the vision for One Humanity consciousness is possible.